· Access control for operators, inspectors and auditors
· Supervisor control
· Milking and milking interface to upload stored data
· Administrative functions
· Allocation of PTIM’s to regions and depot’s
· Set up including date limits, default settings etc.
· Shift balancing
· Start and end of shift procedures
· Ticket issuing – all functions
· Issuing of booking fee ticket
· Issuing ticket to convey bulky parcel
· Cancel tickets
· Payments
· Parameter up and down loading
· Loading as a test PTIM
· Special Function keys as per current PTIM
· Fast List
· Load paper
· Dongle function – limit access to application when in maintenance
· Set date limit on operation time
· Set ticket limit – after 99 tickets
· Set shift limit – 5 shifts
· Error and Print audible interface (beep)


· Battery monitor
· Software upload/download messages

The messages, key strokes and operational methodology is the same as that for the current PTIM’s to allow operation by existing personnel without re-training

Main Processor

· Embedded 16-bit CPU

Peripheral processor

· 8-bit Micro controller chip

Flash memory:
· Secure non-volatile Flash Memory for ticket sales information and for set up data during registration
· Does not lose data if the battery goes completely flat, or if it has been removed
· 256 KB memory – 60 KB available for shift data storage.

· Monochrome
· 320 by 240 pixels without gray scale
· Integrated LED and Backlight
· 81 x 62 mm

· 58 Keys
· Reliable conductive rubber key mat
· Backlight keys for low light operation
· QWERTY layout as per prototype PTIM
· Key depress beep to confirm key entry
· Includes 16 function key’s (F1 to F8 and Shf+F1 to Shf+F8)

· Rechargeable battery
· 7.2V nominal DC output (i.e. 7.2V output over longest period of its charge live)
· 4 x 2.2Ah (Li-ion) cells
· Takes up to 4-6 hours to fully recharge a battery pack
· Batteries are mounted in an internal compartment – removable by technical staff
· Each device will be supplied with single external charger – allows a device to be re-charged
· Internal charging circuit board
· Single external DC input
· Must allow both operation and charging when powered from external DC source, even if internal battery pack is totally flat

Real Time Clock:
· Internal
· Operates from super capacitor – keeps clock for 20 days
· Continuous to operate even if unit is powered down, battery pack is flat, or battery pack has been removed
· Set or synchronized

Integrated Printer:
· 2” printer
· 58 mm wide paper with easy paper replacement
· Quiet printing
· Fast printing of up to 60 mm per second
· Uses heat sensitive material (Metrorail ticket stock)
· Maximum no. of characters per line is 32 characters
· Double width double height character option
· Prints tickets to look same as current Metrorail tickets
· Single mechanical motion (paper step/feed)
· No ribbon required
· Very reliable and proven mechanism
· The printer is fully and properly integrated into the enclosure without being housed in separate module
· Tear of perforated edge
· Clip in secured interlocking lid for bucket printer
· Self feeding paper

· Purpose fabricated plastic housing
· Dimensions: 200 mm wide by 160 mm deep by 37 mm high (Note that the printer cover area is 60 mm high)
· Weight: approx. 700 grams with battery pack?
· Shock and drop resistance features
· Multiple drops onto concrete
· Strap clips – each machine to be issued with straps
· Colors: Yellow Pantone 123C, Light Grey Pantone 421C, Dark Grey Pantone 432C

External Interface:
· RS232 serial interface via DB25 Male connector
· Also contain external DC input for charging and operations

Milking Interface:
· Uses current milking cables
· Interface exactly the same to use existing milking cables

· Software as per current application (refer to appendix A)
· Embedded Operating system
· No Run time licensing needed
· Maintenance Application via SyGade Sapphire SDK

· PTIM Straps
· Manuals (refer to appendix B)
· Operator Training Manual
· Train-the-trainer Training Manual
· User Manual
· Technical Specification Manual




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