The eZiskan terminal has been designed for mobile scanning applications. It is a small ergonomic lightweight device with a large battery to provide power over extended periods.The terminal has a laser scanner to read one dimension barcodes, and a large memory capacity of 1 to 4 Gbytes. The display is backlit and provides for various fonts to allow for easy reading of the display. It has a 22 key keyboard that is backlit for operation in dark areas.The terminal is ideal for voter registration and voter participation applications. It has a large internal memory capacity that allows for an entire voters’ roll to be loaded into the device. The USB2 interface allows for high-speed data transfer to allow for the transfer of large data files.The eZiskan terminal is also suitable for asset control applications. The details and date and time can be captured and then can be uploaded to a PC.



Processor: 32 bit ARM
Memory: 8 Mbytes SDRAM
1GB Flash expandable to 4 GB memory
User Interface:
Display: 160 x 100 pixel graphics backlit display
Up to 8 lines of 20 characters
Keyboard: 22 key backlit keyboard
Beeper for audible feedback
Printer: 2 inch high speed thermal printer
Multiple fonts and graphics support
Up to 12 lines per second,
42 characters per line
Easy loading mechanism, Tear bar
Bar code scanner: 1D barcode scanner
Communication Interface:
Connectivity: USB 1.1 communications to processor
USB 2 port memory card interface
Power Supply:
Battery: Removable 4 Ah 7.2V Lithium Ion battery
Internal Battery Pack: 3.0V Lithium Ion battery pack for date and time
Charger: 90 to 220V AC power adaptor
Dimension & Weight:
Height: 94.3 mm
Length: 185.7 mm
Width: 88 mm
Weight: 770g
Contactless Card Reader: SO 14443 A and B, MiFare, Tagit
Smart Card Reader: ISO 7816 EMV level 1
Asynchronous T=0, T=1
Fingerprint Reader: Capacitive FBI certified fingerprint reader
Vehicle Adaptor: Allows for charging and operation of terminal

Orange Colour Red Colour Blue Colour Green Colour