Ticket Issuing Device (TID) – A printer specially designed and developed locally to METRORAIL’s requirements to print, cut, and magnetic encode tickets. It has a card reader to verify operator identification to use the TIM. The same reader is used to accept credit card payments.


Major Features:

·         Very reliable direct thermal printing
·         Does not require expensive printer ribbons

·         Low life time cost

·         Exact plug and play replacement, no system changes required

·         Easy to use improved user interface

·         Improved security with specially developed security features

·         Large paper roll

·         Extensive internal electronic audit trails


·         16 bit processor

·         Integrated flash memory

·         Internal files for fonts etc.

·         Programmable in high level development environments

Operator Interface:

Operator Display

·         LCD for improved user interface

·         16 character alphameric display

·         Allows display of statics, settings, diagnostics etc.

·         Multiple position jog switch for operator interaction


·         Test print tickets – requires security button if enabled

·         Read statistics

·         Total number of tickets printed

·         Number of tickets printed since last reload

·         Estimated number of tickets left on roll

·         Print statistics


·         Power On

·         Data received

·         Ready

·         Paper low

·         Paper out




Orange Colour Red Colour Blue Colour Green Colour